Be inspired: Viewing engagement in the classroom!

This video series and accompanying guide combine relevant research and authentic examples from classrooms across Canada to illustrate numerous practices that educators have found to be effective in increasing engagement in French second-language education.

Passionate about Learning French:

Exploring the topic of engagement

Leading Engagement of French-language Learners and Stakeholders:

The critical role of school administrators

Relationships are Key:

Engaging French-language learners and stakeholders through personal connections and positive environments

Nurturing a "Can-do" Attitude:

Engaging French-language learners by fostering success

Meaningful Learning Experiences:

Engaging French-language learners through relevance and authenticity

Voices and Choices:

Engaging French-language learners by encouraging student voice and autonomy

This resource was made possible through the participation of students, teachers, and school and school-board leaders across Canada representing Core French, Intensive French, and French immersion programs from elementary through secondary school.

This resource was developed by the French as a Second Language Consortium of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, with financial support from member provinces and territories and the Government of Canada.